Automated Butt Fusion Welding Machine Hiweld HW-450 A


The HW- AFM 450 welding machine is an Automated Butt Fusion Welding Machine capable of aiding in the welding process thereby removing the chances of error. The system has pre-programmed welding parameters allowing for effortless welding transitions.


Pre-programmed welding parameters.
Easy to use control panel.
Teflon coated heater plate which guarantees high quality fusion of pipes and ease of cleaning.
Easily Interchangeable inserts to allow welding of multiple pipe sizes.
Compact and rugged design allowing for steady welding



Item HW-450 A
Pipe Range Φ250-Φ450
Power Supply 3-Phase 380V
Heater Power 2.2KW
Facer Power 1.1KW
Hydraulic Power 1.50KW
Total Power 6.00KW
Environ. Temp. -10℃~45℃
Heater Temp. Rise 20-30Min
Pressure Range 0-7Mpa
Hydraulic Surface 626mm square