Mobilization of One of the largest Butt Fusion Machines in the GCC region.

Union Global has mobilized its 2200mm Hiweld butt fusion welding machine to our project site in Sharjah, UAE to conduct the welding of 1600mm PN10 HDPE Pipe for an outfall pipeline. 


The Hiweld 2200mm HDPE Butt Fusion machine is one of the largest butt fusion machines in the region and has a welding range from 1400mm to 2200mm diameter. In addition to this machine our Hiweld 2500mm butt fusion machine allows us to weld pipes up to 2500mm in compliance with DVS standards utilizing our skilled and experienced technicians.


Hiweld is a quality manufacturer of a HDPE welding machines of various types such as Butt Fusion, Geomembrane,Hand Extruders and Electro Fusion machines. 


Union Global as distributor of Hiweld can aid you in the purchase, hire and after sales support for the entire product range. For more information please visit our website or contact our sales team