A hydraulically operated butt-welding machine suitable for PE and PP pipes and fittings. High quality design and construction provide a premium machine for welding both on the worksite and in the factory. The use of high quality Aluminium castings allows for lower weight without compromising strength and performance.

  • Genuine 12 month international warranty.
  • Welding range 2200mm to 1400mm, alternatively 80″ IPS (2032mm OD) to 54″ (1371.6 mm OD), SDR 33 to SDR 17
  • Removable cast Aluminium electric facing tool with current overload protection.
  • Removable cast Aluminium PTFE coated heating plate with electronic temperature control.
  • Stand for heating plate and facing tool.
  • On-board electrohydraulic pump with controls, accumulator and quick release hoses. Includes countdown timers for heating and cooling phases.
  • 400 volt 3 phase 50 Hz, 88 KW 125 Amps.
  • Cylinder section 65 cm2, 6500 mm2.
  • Welding ranges: plastic pipes: 1600mm-2000mm(1600mm-1800mm-1600mm)
  • Ranges of application: PE and PP
  • 4 set hydraulic cylinder for close.Thickness of pipe: SDR41~SDR17
  • Working voltage: three phase,~380V ±10%,50Hz
  • Total power: 56.7kW, including: planing tool:7kW,  heating plate:40 kW, hydraulic unit motor for clamps: 2.2kW, hydraulic motor for operation: 7.5 kW
  • PTFE coated heating plate, adjustable knob for temperature control, difference in heating

Please note technical specifications of HIWELD machines may change without notice

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