We Build Things With Passion

we are on a mission to demonstrate that to our internal and external stakeholders.

Union Global Technical Equipment are a dynamic and highly reputed company established in the UAE in 2001. During this period we have established a reputation for providing the very best product quality of HDPE Pipes, HDPE Fittings and custom Fabrication  and  offering continuous after sales support. This is made possible through our employees expertise enabling us to solve any challenge in our field. We have achieved both ISO9001 and ISO45001 accreditation demonstrating our commitment to quality, safety and the continuous improvement of our operations.



As a member of the Union Group of companies UGTE is able to draw on an immense wealth of diverse skills, knowledge and resources to assist in completing the most challenging tasks. We operate through our head office and warehousing facility in Dubai and our production and fabrication facility in Ras Al Khaimah positioning us well to serve clients throughout the entire United Arab Emirates and abroad.


is down to the way we pay attention to the most important aspects

What We do

We specialize in polyethylene (PE) related products and services. Our offering can be broadly summarized into three key areas; supply, services and fabrication. Our skilled team has over 20 years experience in supplying, fabricating and installing PE products. In addition we are consistently developing and sourcing new products to complement our existing product and service offering. We take pride in developing solutions to challenges that assist us in understanding and better serving the markets in which we operate and make that a part of everything we do. So whether it’s just a few fittings or the complete supply and installation of a sewage or water transmission line, we have the materials, knowledge and resources to deliver results.


At UGTE, quality is second nature. It’s our policy and commitment to provide the highest quality goods and services available, thereby allowing our customers to receive the end product they envisioned. Whether it’s the beginning, middle or end of a project, our QHSE team works with each department to reinforce the need for clear and precise communication and an emphasis on quality. We believe with greater communication comes a greater awareness, leading to an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of our services.

Health & Safety

Our employees are our greatest asset; they are our work mates, friends and part of the team. Therefore every effort is made to ensure their health, safety and well being at work. With continued focus on training and consistent monitoring we can ensure that all staff are made aware of the potential for injuries and actions that can be taken to mitigate the risks. We have OHSAS 18001 accreditation, further demonstrating our commitment to health and safety.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to complete the most challenging tasks.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy has been established to promote our strong drive for excellence and ensure the continual development of our company into a professional and well managed organization that considers the impact of its actions on a wide array of internal and external stakeholder.

The Union Global QHSE Policy can be espoused in a number of key objectives.

  •  To ensure each and every job is technically and professionally complete.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction upon completion.
  •  To provide our products and services, on time- every time.
  •  To address all safety, health and environmental issues relevant to our business.
  •  To take immediate action in the event of a complaint.
  •  Utilize up-to-date information for the enhancement of product performance and service delivery.
  •  Ensure the education, interest and awareness training of new employees in work safe methods before
    the assumption of duty.
  •  Ensure that the organization is a safe place to work, and that the environment, facilities, equipment and
    substances are subject to safe systems of work in order to prevent risks to health and/or employee
  •  Promote personal responsibility and effort in the employee to avoid and prevent health hazards/ injuries
    to themselves and to others and to co-operate with the organization to comply with its duties, requirements and statutory obligations
  •  Ensure that safety is a line management responsibility.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of Union Global’s activities on the environment thereby preserving
    it for future generations.
  • Display and publicize this statement and review it at least bi-annually.

Our Quality Control System Lab

with state of the art equipment allows us to ensure the quality of our product

With an in-house laboratory our quality team is able to ensure stringent quality testing is carried out before dispatch to our valued clients giving them piece of mind and confidence in the products received. Our sister concern Hydro Dynamic’s skilled team of welders, fabricators and production staff allow us to manufacture and fabricate products that meet the highest and most stringent quality testing before delivery. This results in a superior product developed locally in the UAE and a company able to deliver full after sales service.


With a range of lab equipment that conforms with ISO 4427 standards, our lab technician thoroughly checks the products that are supplied by us. This is why we at Union Global can assure you that all our products meet the high standards of Union Global and also internationally recognized standards.