Union Global is a market leader in the fabrication of complex HDPE items delivered to high profile projects and clients around the world. Over the years we have delivered fabricated items for complex and critical projects requiring only the highest standards of workmanship. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to deliver end to end solutions from design, fabrication, inspection, testing and finally installation at site. With our team of skilled trained welders and fully equipped facilities, Union Global is able to custom fabricate HDPE products to suit your specific application whilst ensuring quality and on-time delivery.







PE Fabrication Overview

Standard, Custom and everything in between. You dream it and we will make it.

Segmented-bends UAE

Segmented bends, sweep bends, “y” bends

We are able to fabricate segmented, sweep and Y bends up to 1200mm.

Puddle flange supplier uae

Puddle flanges

Custom fabricated puddle flanges can be manufactured to suit any requirement

Floating Dredging Pipes Supplier UAE

Floating Dredging Pipes

Our team has supplied dredging pipes including floats in a wide range of sizes.

PE Tanks Supplier UAE

PE Tanks

We have demonstrated capability of the fabrication of custom PE storage tanks for water and chemical storage purposes. These can be constructed in line with project specifications

pe fabrication perforated-pipe-ugte

Perforated pipe sections

We are able to perforate pipes matching your specific perforation sizing and spacing requirements

pe fabrication uae butt-welded

Butt welded equal & reducing tees

Our fabrication team is able to produce fabricated equal and reducing tees up to 1200mm in any combination required. Our specialized fabrication techniques allow us to fabricate to any lengths required whilst still ensuring joint integrity and quality.

pe fabrication uae spool

Pipe spools/ manifolds/headers

The Union Global fabrication team has years of experience in fabricating pipe spools in accordance with client requirements. All works from design, fabrication and erection can be carried out by us to ensure the product meets specific site requirements and are able to deliver years of reliable service.

pe fabrication uae custom-fabrication

Custom HDPE Fittings

We are able to custom fabricate fittings such as stub ends and elbows to match nonstandard sizes and other diameters such as inches for mating to other pipeline materials.