• HDPE Pipeline Welding

    Welding of 1400mm HDPE Pipeline

    Union Global has completed the welding of 1400mm HDPE pipe utilizing our Hiweld HW2200 welding machine. The pipeline was installed through a concrete sleeve pipe and will be used for potable water transmission.  On completion of the welding Union Global also carried out pressure testing of the line to demonstrate the integrity of the joints.  Union Global maintains a fleet of welding machines with.

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  • Union Global has completed the delivery of Ozplast plastic debris chutes for use within the UAE.  Ozplast plastic debris chutes

    Delivery of Ozplast Plastic Debris Chutes

    Union Global has completed the delivery of Ozplast plastic debris chutes for use within the UAE.  Ozplast plastic debris chutes manufactured locally in the UAE are lightweight, durable and easy to install making them an ideal product for disposal of waste from height.  Contact our sales team for further assistance.

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  • Pipe Spools

    Fabrication of Customized High Density Polyethylene(HDPE) Pipe Spools

    Union Global has completed the fabrication of 75mm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) customized Pipe Spools which are being supplied for export purposes. The spools were fabricated by our skilled team of trained HDPE welders and fabricators to meet the specifications of the approved design drawings. Once completed the spools where hydrostatically pressure tested at the working pressure to ensure joint.

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  • Welding of 1000mm HDPE Pipe for Potable Water Transmission

    Welding of 1000mm HDPE Pipe for Potable Water Transmission

    Union Global has completed the welding of 1000mm High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe utilizing our Hiweld HW- 1200 butt fusion welding machine.The pipeline will be utilized for potable water transmission along the various
    Emirates and was skillfully welded by our trained and experienced welding technicians in accordance with DVS-2207 standards.The Hiweld 1200m machine has a welding range from.

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  • road barrier Supply UAE

    Deployment of Ozplast Road Barriers

    Union Global has delivered Ozplast Road Barriers to Sharjah which have been deployed to clearly demarcate ongoing road works.  Ozplast Road Barriers are made from high quality UV resistant polyethylene and provide a long lasting solution for such applications. For inquiries please contact our sales team.

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  • Unionglobal-participates-in-project-safety-awareness-program

    Union Global Technical Equipment participates in project safety awareness program

    Union Global has participated in a safety awareness program as part of our ongoing project to carry out the supply, welding, pressure testing, installation and commissioning of a 9km PE pipeline in Sharjah. The Quarterly Safety Campaign aims to raise awareness on key safety topics, which occur frequently on this project site. Within this campaign, Union Global also presented safety awards to its employees.

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  • Dubai Municipality approved company for HDPE pipes

    Dubai Municipality

    Union Global Technical Equipment is proud to announce that one of our products; High-Density Polyethylene Pipes manufactured by Hydro Dynamic Pipe Engineering is an officially approved product by the Dubai Municipality. The approval will allow Union Global to supply HDPE pipes directly to Dubai Municipality projects. This approval along with approvals from Federal Water and Electricity Authority and.

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  • Plastic Debris Chute

    Ozplast Plastic Debris Chute Launch

    Union Global is proud to announce the launch of the Ozplast Plastic Debris Chute. Manufactured locally in the UAE utilizing high quality polyethylene, the chutes are designed to assist in the disposal of waste from height. Ozlplast Plastic Debris Chutes are both durable and light making it an ideal product for the Middle East market. A full datasheet can be found under the products section of our website.

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  • Hiweld 1200mm machine deployed

    Union Global has recently deployed a Hiweld 1200mm butt fusion welding machine to our project site.  The machine adds to Union Global  growing fleet which currently boasts butt fusion welding capability up to 2500mm. Union Global offers Hiweld welding machines for both hire and sale.  Contact our customer service team for more information.

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  • FEWA Approval

    Union Global Technical Equipment LLC is proud to announce that its sister concern Hydro Dynamic Pipe Engineering has attained Material Approval for the manufacturing of High Density Polyethylene Pipes from the Federal Water and Electricity Authority (FEWA). The approval was attained through the hard work of the manufacturing; QHSE and Sales departments working together to ensure the highest standards.

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