• Plastic Debris Chute

    Ozplast Plastic Debris Chute Launch

    Union Global is proud to announce the launch of the Ozplast Plastic Debris Chute. Manufactured locally in the UAE utilising high quality polyethylene, the chutes are designed to assist in the disposal of waste from height. Ozlplast Plastic Debris Chutes are both durable and light making it an ideal product for the Middle East market. A full datasheet can be found under the products section of our website.

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  • Hiweld 1200mm machine deployed

    Union Global has recently deployed a Hiweld 1200mm butt fusion welding machine to our project site.  The machine adds to Union Global  growing fleet which currently boasts butt fusion welding capability up to 2500mm. Union Global offers Hiweld welding machines for both hire and sale.  Contact our customer service team for more information.

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  • FEWA Approval

    Union Global Technical Equipment LLC is proud to announce that its sister concern Hydro Dynamic Pipe Engineering has attained Material Approval for the manufacturing of High Density Polyethylene Pipes from the Federal Water and Electricity Authority (FEWA). The approval was attained through the hard work of the manufacturing; QHSE and Sales departments working together to ensure the highest standards.

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  • participated in the Big five

    Union Global Technical Equipment LLC participated in the Big 5 show at Dubai World Trade Centre

    Union Global Technical Equipment LLC would like extend its gratitude to all those that visited our stand at the Big 5 exhibition that was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in November. It was a successful exhibition with participants and visitors venturing from around the world to see what we have to offer. For more information on our complete service offering please visit www.unionglobaltech.com.

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  • Dubai Municipality approved company for HDPE pipes

    Milestone reached for HDPE Water Distribution Pipeline in Ras Al Khaimah

    Union Global has reached a milestone by successfully completing 29 customer connections for the Water Distribution HDPE Pipeline in Al Ghail, Ras Al Khaimah. These 29 connections required the removal and reinstatement of Interlock, directional drilling under road crossings and Butt fusion welding. The Main HDPE distribution line has been completed and commissioned with water from the main plant being.

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  • installation of Water Distribution Pipeline Project

    Award of the supply and installation of a 40km Water Distribution Pipeline Project, Ras Al Khaimah

    Union Global has been awarded a project for the complete supply and installation of 40km of HDPE pipeline for water distribution in Ras Al Khaimah. The scope of the project includes supply of hdpe pipes and fittings, concrete blocks and chambers, survey works, horizontal directional drilling works, excavation works, backfilling works, butt fusion welding, pressure testing and commissioning.

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  • HDPE Welding UAE hdpe 40Km

    HDPE welding of large pipes (1400mm)

    Union Global has recently finished welding a 1400mm diameter HDPE pipe. The 1400mm HDPE pipe for a client was welded with our Hiweld 2.2 metre Hiweld Butt Fusion Welding Machine(HW2200) which is capable of welding HDPE pipes from 1400mm to 2200mm. Union Global Is capable of welding HDPE pipes ranging from from 20mm to 2200mm. The Large Diameter Hdpe welding machines are very rare in UAE and Union Global.

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  • Electro Fusion Welding Machine 800mm to 1400mm

    Hiweld has expanded its range of Electro Fusion machine to add an even larger machine to suit customers’ requirements. The Hiweld Electro Fusion 1400 Machine (HWE-1400) is capable of welding electro fusion fittings from 800mm to 1400mm. The machine is simple to use with a user friendly interface. It comes included with a barcode reader that will read and interpret electro fusion barcodes and automatically.

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  • Hiweld Electro Fusion Machines

    Hiweld has added a new Electro Fusion welding machine to its range. The new Machine, Hiweld Electro Fusion 800 Machine can now fuse electro fusion fittings from 20mm to 800mm. The 800 machine also comes with a Bar code reader which allows for electro fusion fittings to be scanned and welded based on their parameters. The parameters can also be added manually. The Hiweld machine allows for automatic.

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  • Hiweld Product range expansion

    Hiweld welding machines has now expanded their product range to include Hand Extruders, Hot air guns, and Geo Membrane welders. These various welding machines now increase the current expansive range of HIWELD welding machines. Hiweld Geo- membrane Welding machines are easy to use welding machines capable of welding polymer sheets of various PE material. Hiweld Hand extruders are easy to use and very.

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